For Those Who Don’t Like Writing Class

I’m gonna be honest

Writing isn’t my thing

Coming to class is hard

Literally, every paper I wing


I’m trying out a poem

Because it’s kind of new

But if I’m going to be honest again

I’ve written very few


I have trouble going to class

Don’t take it personal

Writing is okay to me

But I don’t find it inspirational


I find math is much easier

I see numbers instead of words

But I don’t know why

This fact needs to be heard


I don’t mean to be rude

But class really sucks

It’s a struggle everyday

I’d rather be out making big bucks


I think I like poetry

It’s actually kind of fun

Though I don’t think, I’m good

I’m better at puns

It’s actually quite punny

How I’m writing this now

4 am sucks

I might give myself a bow


This is the last class

And some might say it’s bittersweet

I, however, disagree

I’m not going to keep that discreet


I have to make this 4 min

So please bear with me

I have no idea what I’m talking about

I think everyone can agree


This is my last verse

And I’ve lived to tell the tale

That I made it through writing class

Hopefully I won’t fail


Little Pill

The alarm goes off
Oh I’ll get it
but wait
My attention is elsewhere

A chore, it is
To take everyday
It’s important, I know
but annoying too

So little and round
The tin foil crinkles
Packaged individually
With seven names

A future predicted
One way or another
Oh little pill
How large you actually are