The Summer for an Unemployed Part Time Employee

The start of the summer of 2014 was very promising to me. I had recently been hired (on the spot) at a really easy frozen yogurt job and I had my 5 good friends to make memories with.

I think the universe might hate me or something or I have really bad karma because so far this is not the summer I expected. I quit the frozen yogurt job after 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS. Who does that? I do apparently. The management was so bad and there was no stimulation that I could not deal. I left that stupid minimum wage- visor wearing- obnoxiously orange job. Because I had a lot of experience with other jobs, I thought it would be easy getting another job. NO. Its a dog eat dog world in the life of a part time worker.

My brother made a short film about time, in it he says “When you have it, you don’t need it. When you need it, you want it…bad.” That statement could not be more true.

So what does one part time worker do with no job during the summer? I’ve googled this, and all the blogs say the same thing. De-clutter your life! Exercise more! Volunteer! BULL SHIT. Everyone who doesn’t have a job totally falls into a funk of not wanting to do anything and just lay around in bed. So here are some short term solutions that the average part time unemployed worker can do.

  1. Read a book.

If you’re gonna lay around in bed. You might as well stimulate your brain. Go to the library to get new books, there’s a huge fine on your library card so they won’t let you check out the book? Use your mom’s.

2. Lay in the sun.

We are naturally drawn to light so just laying in the sun makes a feel good. Now notice how I said LAY in the sun, not tan. Wear the shit out of that SPF 50.

3. Go on hikes with friends.

The new rage is hiking. I despise hiking but that’s all my friends are doing. Its free and if they have a car make them drive. You also lose some of that unemployed pudge.

4. Do something you would never do.

This could be anything from new food to getting arrested (let’s not do that) but depending on the reader, all I can say is why not? You have the time.

5. Don’t panic.

Out of the many applications you filled out, someone is bound to call. This funk is not a life event, its just a phase. Take it moment by moment and value the time for when you start to work you’ll miss it.


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