10 Esstential Things Every College Girl Should Have


Ya sure there are plenty of “What should I bring to college?” lists, but I didn’t like any of them. I decided to compile a list that any girl can use and be happy to have. Here they are:



Its late. You’re hungry. You’re in your jams and you don’t want to take that long walk to the dining hall. What does this call for? Dorm snacks! Peanut butter is a good late night snack (or every time snack) to have because not only does it fill you up fast but its just the epitome of comfort food. Not a peanut butter fan or allergic? Chips and salsa are just as good. Surprisingly salsa and chips aren’t too bad for you. Its a refreshing snack that you can eat a lot of and not feel guilty.

Don’t like either? Then try hummus! Though no one likes a lingering smell.

2. a Jean Jacket

I’m serious about this one. Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on a cute dress during the late summer or spring, or making a sweatshirt/leggings day more put together; a jean jacket is a must. Not only does it make it look like you tried to look presentable but its a lightweight jacket that also keeps you warm.

But never, ever (and I mean it), commit the sin of jean on jean.

3. Nasal Spray

We all get that nasty cold through out the entire year. Dayquil and Nyquil are great fix also, however, they are wicked expensive for a student budget (mine especially). Nasal spray is a quick fixes that eliminates you from the annoying people who sniff during a quiet classroom. No one likes that person, and even more so, no one likes being that person. This is a temporary fix and should not be used to “cure” the cold because it does have an addictive quality to it.

4. Brita Pitcher/water pitcher

Save money and stop buying those obnoxious water bottles. Not only are they expensive to buy, but they’re terrible for the environment. Use a Brita Pitcher instead. If you’re main concern is tap water, these pitchers filter the water to eliminate any of your concerns. If you don’t mind buying a regular pitcher, even better (its cheaper). Check your dorm to see if they have a hydration station that purifies water that you can fill it up with. Then it will be a double whammy.

5. A pair of edgy/fashiony black boots

Now I’m not talking about the ones with studs or the combat boots that are in, I mean simple black fashion boots. They look more put together then Uggs and they can dress anything up or down. You can wear them with leggings, dresses, and shorts- get creative! Black is the most versatile color, these boots will literally go with anything.

6. A Vera Bradly campus ID holder

Now I hate to promote a brand, but I haven’t come across anything like this in a generic sense. It literally is perfect for any college student. It holds all your importants in a wallet like compartment and a has a window slot on the outside for your campus ID. With modern technology most things you scan with your student ID, so the window allows for easy scanning in any situation. This holder is small and versatile, attach it to a lanyard and your set! Also if you loose it somewhere in your dorm, its easy to find. You can find this HERE.

7. a Plastic Headband

You know the ones that comb your hair back? INVEST. This is a undermined gem in the college world. Second day? Third day? After gym hair? But on a headband. Not only does it disguise greasy or sweaty hair but they look cute as well. Its also a benefit to everyone else because they to see your beautiful face more! Its a good mix up from the usually bun/pony tail look. If they get uncomfortable for you, fabric ones are good too. They just don’t comb back your hair as much.

On a side note along with hair, if you like to use heating tools on your hair whether its blow drying it or just for going out and about on the town. HEAT PROTECTANT. Its one of those things that you know you should do, but don’t (like wearing suncreen everyday) but ladies- love your hair!!! You won’t regret it.

8. Christmas Lights

The monster of all monsters is (what my roommate and I like to call it) the scary light. The over head god-awful fluorescent that haunts your dorm room. The one that no one ever looks flattering in. This is where warm lighted Christmas lights come in. They will hit two birds with one stone. They will make your dorm room look more pintresty/homey and flatter everyone’s faces. To get and even amount of light throughout the room, attach command hooks as close to the ceilings on the walls and string them back and forth to create more of an over head light.

9. a Self Heating Tea Kettle

Ya a microwave sounds great in theory, but in reality all you’ll be heating up is water. Water for your Easy Mac, water for your tea, water for your hot chocolate. Water, water, water. A self heating tea kettle not only saves you a trip to the community kitchen but its way cheaper than a microwave. Its easy to store, and worse comes to worse when you do actually need to heat something, you go socialize and use someone else’s microwave. Some examples are HERE.

10. Air Freshener

Although this is a given, its crucial. Get the ones that you plug in or release scent on their own. Stink stays in dorm rooms, and no one likes that. What people do like is to walk into a room and smell clean linen. Because its a small space you won’t need much, but it sure does help.




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