Sink or swim? Earthmark takes on the ocean with debut album

Earthmark tests their swimming ability as a new band with their debut album, “Oceans For The Nomad,” will they sink or swim?

The members of Earthmark, vocalist and bassist Nick Burns, guitarist Brad DiPalma, and drummer Anthony Crescentini, former members of the band Towns, go on an epic saga through the ocean on their ten track album.

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The view from Phive 6

Although they are the same person, Brendon Phommaa and Phive 6 are two different people.

On June 3, 2016 at the Nashua Garden restaurant and bar, Brendon Phommaa sits on a bar stool near the brick wall; clad in a white bandanna headband, mustache and goatee, and shaggy hair. Phommaa is a quiet and observant man. While watching the band Towns perform, he nods to the music. He is a flower on the wall.

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Live at the Nashua Garden: Towns

On the first floor of the Nashua Garden restaurant and bar, the ceiling shook.

Ascending the stairs, the energy grew as the band Towns began their set on the second floor. Amongst the brick wall, sports memorabilia, and spilled beer on the floor, Towns rocked out for a performance worthy of the TD Garden. In reality, a small crowd surrounded the band as Nick Burns (vocals, bass), Brad DiPalma (guitar), and Anthony Crescentini (drums) channeled the energy of a classic 80s hairband, all the while wearing sandals.

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The psychedelic rock band, Towns, makes their album debut

Everywhere they go, the band Towns finds their rhythm.

The Nashua, New Hampshire based psychedelic cream funk trifecta features Brad DiPalma (guitar), Nick Burns (vocals, bass), and Anthony Crescentini (drums), who share an unending passion for rock’n’roll. Towns is recording their debut studio album this summer, and it is a soulful and energetic embodiment of that rock’n’roll vibe.

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The precarious media: How the LGBTQIA community is misrepresented


A precarious life is what many members of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Intersex Asexual community lead.

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Tangerine (2015): a real transgender lifestyle

A recent movie that came out called “Tangerine” (2015) became one of the most intriguing films of last year. The independent movie profiles Sin-dee-rella (Kitiana Kiki Rodriguez), a transgender woman fresh out of prison on a quest for vengeance. After finding out from her best friend Alexandra (Mya Taylor), that Sin-Dee’s boyfriend/pimp cheated on her with a “real” woman (“Like real fish girl, like a vagina and everything!), these two working girls set out to confront the cis gender woman all the while promoting Alexandra’s singing career and keeping up with the hustle on the streets.

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